Healthy Comfort Food at Kitchen in the Canyon

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Kitchen in the Canyon is a feel-good cafe that allows you to escape the stress of life with an almond milk latte and an Instagram-worthy avocado toast.

Located in the beautiful Laguna Canyon, Kitchen in the Canyon speaks to the nature lover in all of us as it juxtaposes Laguna’s notorious beach scene with its beautiful trees, mountains, and forest vibes. “The canyon is just another element of Laguna that is often overseen because Laguna is all about the beach,” says Nikki Bostwick, Editor-in-Chief of Laguna Beach Living and the fullest, and daughter of Kitchen in the Canyon owner, Mo Honarkar. “But the canyon reminds people that there are so many other things the city has to offer.”

Part of the newly revitalized Hive Shopping Center, which has created a much-needed buzz around the area, Kitchen in the Canyon’s neighbors include the Laguna Beach Beer Company, Prevail gym, and many more local boutiques, restaurants, and places to explore art.

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Kitchen in the Canyon is a uniquely designed, rustic (with a modern twist) restaurant that gives guests the option to eat inside its hip-but-homey interior or indulge in a sunshine-drenched patio surrounded by beautiful outdoor murals.

Offering a delicious menu of healthy comfort food, Bostwick describes it as being “the food you’re nostalgic for from childhood... but done in a cleaner way.” Think pancakes, waffles, fried egg sandwiches and french toast — accompanied by a frothy latte — dairy or non (they’ve recently started serving LA almond “mylk” brand, Goodmylk).

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Fresh baked goods are made daily from their own in-house baker, Shima, who creates everything from bread to cinnamon rolls, and even takes custom cake orders which can be made completely organic.

“We aim to accommodate the menu to all dietary restrictions,” explains Bostwick. “We are committed to using non-GMO ingredients and are working on sourcing them locally.” Indeed, for the days your body needs a little extra detoxing, Kitchen in the Canyon plans to start serving organic, fresh squeezed juices and nutrient-filled broths.

On a mission to create an atmosphere where locals can come to unwind and commune with friends, Kitchen in the Canyon aims to provide a spot where everyone is welcome and encouraged to indulge in their cravings, all the while enjoying the natural beauty that Laguna Canyon has to offer.

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Anna Guilford is a Journalism and Public Relations Senior at California State University, Long Beach. A lover of the beach and the mountains, she loves exploring everything Laguna has to offer, especially the food. Contact her at or through her website at

Photos by: Grant Puckett.