Laguna Beach Living: Toni Iseman

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This week Nikki sits down with Laguna’s former mayor, Toni Iseman. Nobody knows (and loves) Laguna Beach more than her. She’s served 20 years on the council, including four terms as mayor.

A Nebraska native, Toni moved to Laguna for college in 1967 and never looked back, even staying put in the same house (that has been said to be haunted) for over 40 years — we’re not surprised Toni doesn’t scare easily!

A determined woman who aims to #KeepLagunaQuaint, she’s learned to grow a tough skin while fighting for her home and the people she believes in, concentrating as well on keeping our oceans clean and Laguna’s homeless population, an issue Toni and Nikki both agree is complex.

If you’re interested in learning more about Toni’s vision for the future of Laguna or taking a walk down memory lane to glimpse a beautiful part of Laguna’s past, this one’s for you.

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