Laguna Beach Living: Kindness Project OC

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Welcome to the Laguna Beach Living podcast. Each week, we’ll be sitting down with some of our favorite local OC folk, from foodies to entrepreneurs to changemakers.

For our first episode, host Nikki Bostwick sits down with Janelle Caldwell of Kindness Project OC. As the name suggests, Kindness Project OC is a way to offset scary news by focusing on daily acts that spread a little more positivity in the world -- like leaving bubbles at the park for kids or paying for a family’s Christmas tree (actual Kindness Project initiatives).

Janelle’s version of “acts of kindness” runs deeper than a bumper sticker by turning intention into actual action. Janelle reminds us that it’s easy to become paralyzed with overwhelm, but by taking small steps toward the larger issues, we’re empowered to actually do something instead of nothing. And we think that’s pretty damn inspiring.

The Kindness Project is throwing an event in Aliso Viejo this Sunday, March 3rd called Miles for Meals, where participants can hike one way (two miles) or round trip (four miles) to the food pantry to drop off provisional goods. If you’d love to add a little kindness to your Sunday Funday more info can be found on their Facebook Page.

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