Laguna Beach Living: Somer Sood of Black Bough

Somer & Nikki.jpg

This week Nikki is talking with Somer Sood, a Palestinian-American humanitarian, aid worker, interior-designer, and business owner. (Impressive, we know.) Somer recently launched her boutique, Black Bough in Laguna to introduce modern, clean, and minimalist home decor.

In this episode, the two ladies talk all things decor-inspo but also explore entrepreneurship, moms as role models, and activism -- three topics for which Somer is both passionate and highly knowledgeable. In fact, her own mother (who just so happens to own KokoPelli Gallery in town) not only inspired her to launch her own business but also urged her to volunteer at Syrian refugee camps during college.

It was this influence that has hugely shaped Somer’s life. So much so, that these days you’ll regularly find her on her laptop thumbing between one tab featuring the coolest coffee table accents for the store and another on delivering people necessities they need to survive.

 In short, Somer Sood is one Laguna local inspiring us on multiple fronts. Meet her in this week’s ep.

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