Magnolia Wellness: Get You a Wellness Center That Can Do it All

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When Angela Sinnett, founder of Costa Mesa’s Magnolia Wellness moved from Los Angeles to Orange County she saw a need to bring the healing modalities LA is known for to the OC. “I knew there was a community that was longing for more alternative options here,” she says. “I wanted to create a sacred space for healing and bring in more conscious events.”

With a wide variety of services offered — from “Ladies Night In” to children’s meditation and yoga classes — Magnolia is here to make you feel good, healing from the inside, out.

We recently sat down with the entrepreneur to get the scoop on her local wellness haven.

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Where did the name Magnolia Wellness come from?

Magnolia Wellness was inspired by the Magnolia tree. About a decade ago, I saw a beautiful image of a Magnolia tree blossoming. To me, it was a symbol of the inherent knowledge and beauty of nature, growing from mother earth to share its gorgeous, abundant flowers -- an uncomplicated metaphor for what healing means to me.

When did Magnolia get started and how did you turn your idea into a reality?

Magnolia Wellness started in its physical form in February 2018, but was 10 years in the making. The call to action came in the beginning of 2017. The lesson in trust for me was exponential. There are a ton of like-minded people here in Orange County and I saw a great opportunity to harness that energy and vivacity and cultivate it. I wanted to create a visionary business to help people connect, create community, and inspire fun while healing on many levels. It took a lot of hard work, great friends, and a supportive family to create what Magnolia Wellness is today.

You have an extensive background in acupuncture and ran Magnolia Acupuncture for 10 years prior to opening Magnolia Wellness. How did your background in the wellness industry help you in creating the business? 

I actually started in the pharmaceutical industry out of college, and the experience of working for big pharma was in a lot of ways the catalyst for embarking on my journey towards eastern medicine -- one that ultimately led me to creating Magnolia Wellness. I learned a lot during those years and apply some of it to my current practice today, whether that is by implementing the positive experiences or utilizing the lessons learned.

There is great benefit to understanding how western medicine works in our country, both systemically and in practice, i.e., what the motivating factors are for so much of what we are told (and given), and what information is disseminated (and what is not). I attempt to take the best from both eastern and western approaches with my practice.

How are Magnolia’s services different from other health and beauty spas? 

Sure, we offer some of the feel-good stuff, but most of the work we do here is on a psycho-spiritual level. We want to elevate consciousness. We want to change cellular vibration. We want to heal the planet and alter perspectives and inspire people to connect instead of isolate. It's my job to help people understand that we are all normal in our idiosyncrasies -- that's what makes us special and not detached from others. When we gather, share, and explore in community, it's pretty remarkable to see how people support and love each other. 

Fertility is a perfect example. Many women feel like their bodies are betraying them as they go through fertility struggles. What is so easy and effortless for one woman may be a wretched process for another. After working with women one-on-one for so long, I felt a calling to create a safe space and support conversation and healing simultaneously with fertility circles, and we have had great success and made a lot of life-long friends along the way.

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From fertility offerings and acupuncture to rejuvenation and bioenergetics, Magnolia’s offerings are vast -- tell me about the services you offer.

Many people heal in different ways so we offer many unique services:

Esoteric acupuncture -- Balances chakras (on and off the body) and raises consciousness. This is a deep form of meditation while the body heals.

Cosmetic facial rejuvenation -- A natural process for reversing the aging process, this creates micro-trauma to stimulate collagen while lifting and toning the facial muscles.

Hypnotherapy -- The ability to communicate with the subconscious and change long held beliefs and thought patterns.

Cranial sacral therapy -- Circulates cerebrospinal fluid to relieve headaches and longstanding issues within the head, neck, and shoulders.

Lymphatic drainage therapy -- The lymphatic system removes waste from every cell in the body while regulating the immune system. In Ayurveda, it is the first system treated.

Reiki -- Promotes deep relaxation while energizing the whole body.  

Guided meditations -- Stress reduction, changes the brain chemistry, and also a really fun manifestation tool!

Breathwork -- Releases old fears, processes emotions like grief and depression, and can connect to intuition.

Describe your events.

Our classes and events have been versatile and broad: guided meditations, crystal classes, astrology, fertility circles, chakra balancing classes, release meditations, breathwork classes, manifestation meditations, and community wellness gatherings. This aspect of Magnolia has been a priority of mine and will continue to evolve and expand. I want to offer events and classes with specialized and specific emphasis, but also offer experiences that simply bring people together.

How do you want people to feel when leaving Magnolia? 

I want people to feel loved, deeply understood, and supported. So much pain comes from emotional holding within the body. In Chinese medicine there are energetic channels called the Luo channels. These are essentially depositories for holding a sort of vast storage facility in the body that takes on what we can't currently process through. Stress and emotions are gently held until our body is ready to release them and “let go of that which no longer serves us.” Traditionally speaking, letting go can be a challenging process, but our goal at Magnolia, amongst all practitioners, is to support the innate ability to heal. The body (and mind) sometimes just needs a little assistance.

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Lindsay DeLong is the Managing Editor of Laguna Beach Living and the fullest. If she’s not partying it up wellness style at “Ladies Night In” find her on Instagram at @iLikeLindsay or email her at