Take RhythmRide for a Spin

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Nestled just above Project Juice is RhythmRide Studio, a place where the soulful (and spin-ful) sweat their way to health.

Founded by Shelley Arends-Cornwell, RhythmRide has been a fixture in Laguna for over a decade. Having been a spin instructor long before spin became a thing, Shelley realized no one was taking advantage of the natural adrenaline-inducing (and much more fun) experience of pairing the ride to the rhythm of music.

She developed her own program and attracted Laguna natives who wanted a challenging fun, full body workout. What they might not have expected was how engaging and unifying the classes would become and just how infectious the love of spin could be.

Shelley recently passed the torch onto Stephanie Chapel, a svelte beauty, former athlete, and new owner to this beloved studio.

Stephanie was full of smiles as she greeted me on a Tuesday morning. After setting me up in the sparkling clean and intimate space, people of all ages started pouring in for class amidst pleasant chatter and palpable excitement.

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It wasn’t long before I realized why.

In the dim lights, while the heart-thudding beats, catchy melodies, and inspiring drops played on, Stephanie became part EDM DJ and part personal trainer -- pushing her clients’ bodies to new limits in a way that felt both encouraging and safe.

It was easy to follow her instructions, and, as several pairs of decadently patterned leggings turned, a sense of tribe filled the room.

Stephanie says she fell in love with spin after another love came to an end: “After playing collegiate volleyball for four years, I wanted to find something that would fill that physical and mental void.”

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Her search led her to find a new way to connect with her mind and body in a way she couldn’t on the volleyball court.

She shares, “I was absolutely fascinated with the challenge of ‘riding to the beat’ of the music. The challenge continues to drive me.”

Keeping up with the rhythm may be challenging, but it doesn’t come without reward -- especially when considering RhythmRide’s impressive sound studio, ambient lighting, and perfectly controlled temperature. (I sighed with relief every time the luscious air cooled my dewy back.)

“I love that, no matter what, riding in a rhythm-based class like RhythmRide is all about your own journey,” says the young business owner. “Regardless of your experience, you can always challenge yourself. Riders love the community, energy, and overall positive feeling they experience.”

And she’s right. No matter your age or body shape, at RhythmRide you’ll feel alive in a room full of people whom are all just as eager to connect to the music through their bodies and minds -- leaving with a face full of sweat, a big smile, and a renewed spirit.

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Courtney Prather is a jack of all exercises. She kickboxes, spins, and swims all over Orange County. Follow her on Insta for her latest articles on wellness and well-living at @courtpanther.

Photos by: Grant Puckett.