Laguna Becomes You at Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals

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It’s morning, and, as you rise up in your king-sized bed and stare through floor-to-ceiling windows directly into the blue eyes of the Pacific, you ask yourself, “Shall I enjoy my tea in the full-sized bathtub, or perhaps drink it on the balcony overlooking downtown in its entirety?” This is not a dream, nor a reality television show based on the lives of rich local teenagers... rather, you’ve just landed yourself a stay at Laguna’s swanky Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals.

The three-tiered condominium houses three separate units, all resting (like all great rentals should) hillside facing Laguna’s illustrious sandy beach. Inside, you’ll find a sophisticated approach to décor, paired beautifully with state-of-the-art appliances and scenic views out of every window.

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Though Cliff Drive’s condos may sound like extra fancy Airbnb’s, in reality they’re much more than that -- they’re the perfect combination between living in a stranger’s lavish house and staying at a high-end hotel.

Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals provides a full-service stay that, if desired, can include daily housekeeping, in-house Swedish massage, and a concierge just a phone call away.

Director and General Manager Nooshin Gholizadeh says that their guest’s reviews tell a story of beachside bliss. Commonly imbedded in the ratings are words like “ocean view,” “spacious,” and, given its close proximity to downtown, “locality.” There truly isn’t a more walkable location for one coming to spend some time in the heart of Laguna.

Indeed, a five minute stroll from Cliff Drive will earn you a well-earned sand exfoliating foot massage on the beach. Another ten minutes in the opposite direction and you’ll arrive at the famous Pageant of the Masters. Walking distance to anywhere downtown, the condos serve as a perfect rendezvous spot for a quick de-sanding, wardrobe change, and a relaxing glass of Chardonnay on the balcony at sunset before heading to town for dinner at one of Laguna’s numerous world-class restaurants.

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In addition to it being a great vacay spot, Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals also caters towards the business side of life as well.

“What most guests don’t know is that these luxurious stays can double as scenic meeting spaces that businesses can use as their own private boardrooms,” Gholizadeh explains. “Just like you’d see in an exclusive hotel, we create comfortable environments for smaller scale meetings and attend to them.” If desired, the Cliff Drive team will provide seating arrangements, audio and visual setup for presentations, beverage and coffee stations with snacks, and take-out arrangements for lunch breaks.

In short, it doesn’t matter if you’re there for business or pleasure, Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals will make it hard to leave. And that’s okay, because there’s no shame in feeling like a million bucks... whether you're making it or not.

For additional info, reservations, or to book a meeting at Cliff Drive Vacation Rentals, email or call 877.318.1552.

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Born and raised on the salty sands of California’s coast, Manny Frausto is a staff writer at Laguna Beach Living and has enjoyed writing (much like he enjoys million dollar views) for publications such as the LA and OC Register, OC Home Magazine, and beyond. Reach out to him at

Photos by: Grant Puckett.