14 West Has All the Luxuries of a 5 Star Hotel, Boutique Style

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Strung along Pacific Coast Highway on the gorgeous coastal railing that is Laguna Beach is a boutique hotel suited for fast travelers with chic taste and young families looking to be close to all the action.

14 West is less of a hotel, and more of a fortress equipped with a mini-kitchenette, fireplace, and, if you enjoy a post-dinner plunge, a tub large enough for two. Its 14 rooms rest on the second floor providing a bird’s eye view of PCH, an adjacent row of cliffside estates, and the long stretch of ocean that lay beyond them.

“You’re so stuck in the mix of all the beauty that you almost forget you’re a part of it,” says Director and General Manager Nooshin Gholizadeh. 

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Without noticing the greater part of a 10-minute walk, you’ll discover you’re in the heart of Laguna’s innermost hustle which has grown restless for contemporary fare and libation. Add another 10 minutes to your stroll and you’ll arrive at the Laguna Beach Art Museum, Laguna Playhouse, and Festival of the Arts. And another 10 back towards the beach will get you to Laguna’s famous lighthouse on the sand.

But why leave at all? Provided that each reservation comes equipped with assigned private parking directly below guest rooms, and a concierge with 24-7 eagerness, each room includes a comfortable sofa-ready living room nook bedside, a desk for your fast-paced business needs, and a two-person front patio where cracking open a bottle of wine at sunset could not be further from a bad idea.

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“The trick here is making this experience feel as if you were staying at any luxury hotel,” explains Gholizadeh. “And the beauty of it is that we are equipped to provide those luxuries.”

Hip in all the right ways, it would serve you best to drop your reservation at the Montage and stay at 14 West. But you may want to hurry, new projects for the hotel are on the horizon... 

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Born and raised on the salty sands of California’s coast, Manny Frausto is a staff writer at Laguna Beach Living and has adored the power of writing (much like he adores taking brisk 10-minute walks) for publications such as the LA and OC Registers, OC Home Magazine, and beyond. Reach out to him at manny@lagunabeachliving.com.