The Whimsy of Casa Laguna

Casa Laguna 1.jpg

Laguna Beach is home to many boutique hotels but Casa Laguna is a standout thanks to its whimsical nature, exotic flair, and stunning detail. Whimsy can sometimes be hard to find but it almost always occurs when history, culture, art, and architecture meet -- and when those elements collide, you are left with pure magic.

The bones of the property’s main house date back to the 1920’s when it was originally designed by Frank Miller and Arthur Benton for Miller’s wife, Marion. (Miller had previously owned The Mission Inn in Riverside.) Over the years, more buildings were added and it became a staple for beachside luxury in Laguna -- and was even deemed a historic structure by the city in 2002.

Casa Laguna 17.jpg

In 2016 it underwent an extensive remodel by renowned California designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Bullard and his team vowed to keep the property’s original roots intact, so great care was taken to preserve the heartbeat of all its structures. The combination of needing to preserve and wanting to modernize allowed Bullard to introduce exotic textiles and patterns as well as play up on the character that is inherent to the property.

Casa Laguna 8.jpg

Boasting bright Moorish accents, exposed beams, ornate doors, intimate seating areas, an array of exotic nooks, a labyrinth of gardens, and a full spa (complete with tiles and fountains imported from Morocco!), the result of Bullard’s design genius leaves its visitors with a refreshed way to experience a piece of Laguna Beach’s rich history.  

The Inn’s 23 rooms have each been uniquely styled to be a marriage of bold hues and crisp whites that are accented with warm woods and cool metals. With so many differing rooms, staff and guests usually have a hard time picking a favorite but all agree that each room offers a place for privacy, tranquility, and escape.

Casa Laguna 5.jpg

Upon checking in, guests can enjoy a drink in the lobby, take a dip in the pool, get a hot stone massage at the spa, or explore the property to find their own unique oasis. When asked, hotel staff will recommend a loose itinerary that includes heading into downtown to enjoy a few local art galleries before ducking into a quaint spot for dinner, followed by watching the sunset. But if you’re up for some spontaneity, the locals of Laguna Beach will always tell you that the best way to truly experience their city is to have no plan — to just be ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

It’s beach living made easy.