Shop the Perfect Blend of Old and New at Camps and Cottages

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Camps and Cottages is where the future and past meet in the form of one-of-a-kind home decor and perfectly stylish blends of vintage and modern.  

Born in Berkeley in 1994, Camps and Cottages moved to Laguna Beach in 2000, where founder and owner, Molly English has made a name for herself helping customers obtain a golden era feel (think 1920’s-40’s) for their homes.

By complementing 21st century items with a mix of early 20th century vintage textiles and art, English is able to assist the modern dweller in the creation of personal and eclectic spaces.

When you walk into the store you immediately feel a sense of comfort and wonder as you revel at all the various unique pieces, including nautical finds, 48 star and red cross flags, and even an antique Zeppelin pull-toy from the 30’s. The seemingly juxtaposed feelings of familiar coziness and adventurous discovery actually make sense here.

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Camps and Cottages has earned praise from publications like Country Home, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Home and Garden Television Network, and English has even published three books about design (both vintage and contemporary).

In a world of mass production (which always seems to come with an expiration date), Camps and Cottages is a true gem obsessed with giving its customers an alternative in the form of carefully crafted pieces. While the store brings the entire home experience together into one space, their website provides prospective customers with the opportunity to view curated Camps and Cottage items organized by category.

Online or IRL, Camps and Cottages is the kind of store you make a detour for, whether you’re a local or not.

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Alexandra Mathieu is a freelance marketing strategist who likes to read, write, and draw.

Photos by: Grant Puckett