How Laguna Supply’s Dana Marron and Laura Hart are Dressing Laguna Beach

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With cool-girl short hair and personalities to match their effortlessly-relatable fashion, the women behind Laguna Supply are dressing the city with the latest in designer and high-end local brands. Over the last decade, co-founders, Dana Marron and Laura Hart have grown their dream clothing boutique into a one-stop-shop for everything a woman could ever need in her closet.

No strangers to fashion, the two weave an impressive pedigree. Marron had previously spent 10 years as the VP of design for Roxy, clocking in an average of 60 hours a week while Hart was the VP of production at Hurley. Their high-powered jobs took away from their lives and the two businesswomen grew tired of spending more time traveling than with their family and friends.

“Usually you don’t go into retail for freedom, but the freedom it provided me was incredible. It was a lifestyle choice that was then a life-changing thing for me,” Marron says. “It was like a breath of fresh air. I could see daylight, I could see people and interact and dress them, have fun, laugh, and then be home and control my own schedule.”

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For the fashionable entrepreneurs, being able to be in and with their community, family, and friends was not just the leading decision when they decided to choose Laguna Beach as their location, but it also provided the opportunity and capability to make Laguna Supply their customers’ go-to clothing boutique.

For envy-inducing, closet-worthy store selections, the designers pull inspiration from their own lifestyles, the pace of Laguna, and their trendy shoppers who keep them on their toes and fuel their aggressive and competitive buying style.

“We like to think our product mix is a reflection of where we live and who we are,” Hart explains. “My family loves to travel and that gives me access to brands we might not ordinarily come across. Dana and I would feel comfortable wearing anything in the store.”

Marron agrees, “We live here and we’re part of the community, so we know what our customers wear. We’re in the stores, we hear what they have to say, and that’s really important to us.”

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Indeed, Marron and Hart have developed relationships with their customers and know them by name. They want coming into their store to feel like shopping with your best friend (one who has excellent taste and only your best interest in mind). “It’s not about the sale for us. It’s about the long-term relationship,” Marron continues.

For them, their transactions are never one-sided. Even though the two fashionistas are the ones bringing in brands like Ulla Johnson, No. 6, Clare V, and over 70 more of fashion’s hippest brands, Laguna Supply shoppers bring something with each visit, too. “They’re smart, well-traveled, savvy shoppers. They challenge us in a lot of ways and we strive to be better for them,” explains Marron. “It sounds corny, but they teach us pure joy. It’s like this coalition, this whole camaraderie of women.”

Their little storefront, with its eminent yellow paint accents and open windows, is bound to be filled with your next favorite item (or two). Whether it’s a new pair of everyday earrings or jeans that not only look good, but feel good, the powerhouse duo is eager to continue helping those who walk in leave with something -- whether that be new clothes, a strengthened confidence, or a spot in their supportive community.

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Kaitlynn Labit is the Los Angeles editor at LOCALE Magazine and a freelance writer. Her computer is full of open tabs from her favorite online stores, just waiting for her to press purchase. Get in touch with her at or on Instagram at @kaitlynnlabit.

Photos by: Meilani Cottrell.