Laguna Beach Living: Mary McDonald of Double M Pottery

Double M & Nikki.jpg

Mary McDonald is the J.K. Rowling of the OC. Except, instead of becoming an illustrious author in her late 50’s, Mary took up ceramics and created Double M Pottery. If you haven’t yet gotten a glimpse of her unique aesthetic that magically marries earthy clay tones with that quintessential Cali vibe -- be prepared to get excited. 

After empty nest syndrome hit after her kids left home, Mary was looking to keep herself busy and enrolled in the fine arts program at Saddleback College. Shortly thereafter, she fell in love with clay. 

This new life filled with creation kept Mary present and helped her let go of judgment and perfectionism. Ironically, in letting go she landed on a much loved signature style and soon opened her own store, teaching herself other small business skills like QuickBooks and Instagram. 

Mary and Double M are living proof that it’s never too late to discover a skill or begin a dream. Check her out on this week’s episode of Laguna Beach Living. (Psssst. She’s also hiring an apprentice.)

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