SUP to You Makes Paddle Boarding Easy

Sup to You Header.jpg

SUP to You has changed the way Laguna Beach does outdoor adventures. This local business delivers paddle boards directly to the beach, taking out all of the hassle. Ever tried fitting a 10-foot board in your car? Paddle boarding has surged in popularity in recent years, and SUP to You’s mission is to make it accessible for anyone who wants to try. Their business in three words is: experience, parallels, and expertise.

The idea began back in 2013, when founder Steve Owens’ urge to create a business selling paddle boards crashed up against Laguna’s expensive rental spaces. His creative solution was to direct-deliver boards to users already at the beach -- which took out the need for a shop since everything would be rented. He bought a van and the business took off. Owens and his co-founder Ryan Okon quickly knew they had hit a good wave.

To differentiate themselves from other outdoor sports companies, they decided to demo each board so that enthusiasts could pick out the best fit. This pushed the company into a service focus of providing the best gear available.

The company has grown in many ways since then and is now the go-to for real deal enthusiasts who want the best advice, equipment, and service in Orange County. No matter how popular it grows however, SUP to You will always be a local business. For Owens, providing a local experience is a perfect way for him to share Laguna’s beauty with the world -- through the sport and the city he loves.

Owens says he is living his dream and describes his favorite part of the job as “having all the best boards under my fingertips to go paddle with friends whenever I want -- or an epic sunset paddle on my own for some solitude to go hear the heavens sing.” He arranges his time so that he always has the freedom to enjoy the ocean, showing that work can be both serious and playful.

Paddle boarding boasts many mental and physical benefits and Owens knows technique is an important component in any workout, which is why Sup to You provides advanced paddle clinics.

With practice, paddle boarding brings a new perspective to the ocean, as it allows you to go further than swimming and, wave after wave, sweeps you deep into a joyful experience.

Gemma Totten is a world traveler, but first and foremost, a Laguna local. Catch up with her on her dream (and beach)-worthy Instagram at @gemmatotten.